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Our Team

Our team consists of a Partner Associate besides four other Associates, who have been constantly growing and learning under the stewardship of our Founder Partner and Partner Associate. The Associates have been chosen on the basis of their competency, who are erudite and possess vast legal skills, learnt through years of practice and hardwork, imbibed with legal acumen. The efforts of our team are aimed at addressing the fundamental issues of our esteemed clients who rely on their insightful advices. Our fundamental approach is to precisely understand with minuteness the basic disputed areas of our clients needed to be dealt with. Our positive orientation enable us to work as a single unit with a vision to recognize all the aspects pertaining to a particular legal issue. We work in such a manner that we are able to develop a strong bond with our clients, as our satisfaction lies in establishing the long term relationships with our clients. We are resolute to provide modernised counselling techniques equipped with the latest software methods backed by our expertise so as to ascertain our client’s actual disputed areas. With this bearing in mind, we even provide monthly retainerships to our clients to help them have answers and solutions to each and every problem concerning their organisation or them as individuals.

Ankit Dwivedi

Ankit is associate at Dwivedi & Associates, who handles substantial volume of litigation in the Criminal Courts. He has done his L.L.B from Indraprastha University anf his masters also from Indraprastha University. Criminal litigations handled by him includes cheque dishonour cases, Narcotics and Drugs violations, Bails, Suspension of Sentence, Appeals, Revisions, Quashing of FIR and Writs, which have earned him remarkable reputation in the field of law. Other than Criminal Law, he has enhanced involvement with Matrimonial and Labour matters as well. He is an erudite speaker, who has been extensively arguing before Districts Courts and High Court of Delhi in various Criminal and Labour matters.

Jyoti Dwivedi

Jyoti is a an Associate at Dwivedi & Associates and focuses her practise on Civil, Matrimonial and Corporate matters. She has done her L.L.B from Indraprastha University and her masters also from Indraprastha University. As a large part of Jyoti’s practise, she regularly advances consultation to clients on wide array of Civil & Matrimonial matters including Recovery Suits, Suits for Eviction, Suits for Declaration & Injunctions, Consumer Law, Property Suit, Will & Probate, Enforcement of Decree, Guardianship, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, land revenue, Cooperative Societies, Arbitration Law etc. Besides, she also has substantial exposure to advising on general Corporate advisory matters ranging from Company Law (IBC), Contract Law, etc. Her experience spans across various District Courts, High Court of Delhi, Court of Finance Commissioner, Consumer District Forum and various benches of NCLT & NCLAT.

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Abhishek Shukla

Abhishek is an an Associate at Dwivedi & Associates, who bargains in essentially Labor Laws directly from Labor Office to Appellate Authorities and is even on the moves to the corporates as a legal advisor. He has done his L.L.B from Indraprastha University. He primarily deals in labor laws and extensively covers all parts of it extending from consultancy to protecting the administrations in case. Being associated with the firm, he accepts that his greatest characteristics are his hard working attitude which is the fundamental requirement for any association to develop.

Neeraj Agarwal (Associate)

Neeraj Agarwal, Advocate is amongst the first technology lawyers with prior qualification and working experience in the field of Computer Science, Cyber Defense and Information Assurance, Business Management, Legal framework & statutory eco-systems, research & analysis and helps the clients in Strategic Research Based Decision Making, Policy Framework, Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms with holistic approach. He believes in “RESOLUTION BEFORE LITIGATION”. His expertise in diversified System Audits and research based approach has helped the management to plug-in the gaps and redefine the policy frame-work & rewrite their policies with scientific and humane approach simultaneously. It has helped the clients to not only create an internal robust system but to avoid future litigations & non-compliances. He has expertise in creating & conducting statute based Audit systems, writing research based dynamic policies, Providing strategic solutions & Resolutions, Case Planning & representation in the Court of Law & Tribunals and help Board of Directors and Senior Management in strategic planning & Decision Making. Special Assignments Neeraj apart from litigation work takes special assignments viz. System Audits, Statutory Audits, Strategy planning, Policies & Guidelines frame work, Inspection work including Statutory notified Inspections. Preventive measures, Process flow, Designing Forms & Procedures, MIS system, Trainings, Organizational Development & Change Management.

Sandeep Sharma (Associate)


In order to function smoothly, every organisation needs to comply with statutory compliances. An organisation works within the defined set of rules and regulations framed and enacted by the Government, which needs to be adhered by every establishment. That given the system of Labour Tribunals set up by the Government at each district , there are appropriate government established at each level, and the said authorities are delegated with various powers like to call for records maintained by the organisation or establishment, summoning employers, inspecting various records and etc. There are various chances one can find the loopholes in HR compliances, even when the records are maintained with due diligence, which can be fixed by the assistance of an experts. Hence, as per our belief, statutory compliances are heart and soul of an organisation, if followed properly, puts the robust system in place.
We provide ESI & PF consultation service and support to carryout and implement ESI & PF related work. We have a team of highly knowledgeable, proficient and dedicated professionals. Every commercial establishment/factory is liable to implement of ESIC & EPF Act as per State/Central Govt. We provide you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your ESIC & PF related problems.

Details of Current Services are:
•Preparation/Processing of Monthly Salary.
•Maintenance of Registers & Records.
•Preparation & Support for submission of Challans.
•Preparation & Submission of Returns.
•Inspections & Assessments of Records.
•Settlement of Claim & Demand Cases.
•Online Compliance of ESIC & PF.
•Establishment’s Registration under ESIC & PF.
•Employee’s Registration under ESIC & PF.
•provide to Update Latest Amendments of ESIC & PF.
•Correspondence & Reply to Related Authority.
•PF UAN allotment & KYC Process.
•PF Transfer & Withdrawal Process.
•Solving Employer's ESI & PF Related Queries.
•Supervision of ESI & PF Related HR Activity.
•Registration, Preparation & Submission of Returns under The Factories Act.
•Registration The Shops and Establishment Act Our Services Tools.
•Our Latest Payroll Software.
•Our Expert Team.
•Work Time Punctuality.
•Client Information Confidentially.
•Latest Computerized Work.
•Good Client Relationship.
•100% Accurate, lawful & Computerized Work

Deepak Kumar Dhingra

Deepak Kumar Dhingra is related with the firm as Senior Associate and has his name attached an experience of 25 years in the field of Services including defending cases in Labour Courts and Labour Offices. In addition, he has also been holding the position of a Mediator in Karkardooma Courts since past many years and has been helping litigants solve their disputes by way of “MADHYASTHA or MEDIATION”.

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