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STATUTORY COMPLIANCES – Tool Which Strengthens The Backbone Of An Organsation.
We believe that one can reduce the chances of litigation by ensuring statutory compliances. which eventually helps the employer in mitigating future conflicts which gives rise to scores of litigation. That through the process of statutory compliances, an organisation gets robust system in place, which strengthens the core of a company. We can term this process as building blocks of an organisation , which are essential for overall growth of an organisation. The most important aspect of compliances for an employer is that it helps in accelerating the positive rating of the company, which always helps in building in it’s reputation building.


By Sandeep Sharma, Associate – Specialized in compliance management
In order to function smoothly, every organisation needs to comply with statutory compliances. An organisation works within the defined set of rules and regulations framed and enacted by the Government, which needs to be adhered by every establishment. That given the system of Labour Tribunals set up by the Government at each district , there are appropriate government established at each level, and the said authorities are delegated with various powers like to call for records maintained by the organisation or establishment, summoning employers, inspecting various records and etc. There are various chances one can find the loopholes in HR compliances, even when the records are maintained with due diligence, which can be fixed by the assistance of an experts. Hence, as per our belief, statutory compliances are heart and soul of an organisation, if followed properly, puts the robust system in place.

We provide ESI & PF consultation service and support to carryout and implement ESI & PF related work. We have a team of highly knowledgeable, proficient and dedicated professionals. Every commercial establishment/factory is liable to implement of ESIC & EPF Act as per State/Central Govt. We provide you a distinctive and absolute way to get rid of all your ESIC & PF related problems.

Details of Current Services are:

  • •Preparation/Processing of Monthly Salary.
  • •Maintenance of Registers & Records.
  • •Preparation & Support for submission of Challans.
  • •Preparation & Submission of Returns.
  • •Inspections & Assessments of Records.
  • •Settlement of Claim & Demand Cases.
  • •Online Compliance of ESIC & PF.
  • •Establishment’s Registration under ESIC & PF.
  • •Employee’s Registration under ESIC & PF.
  • •provide to Update Latest Amendments of ESIC & PF.
  • •Correspondence & Reply to Related Authority.
  • •PF UAN allotment & KYC Process.
  • •PF Transfer & Withdrawal Process.
  • •Solving Employer's ESI & PF Related Queries.
  • •Supervision of ESI & PF Related HR Activity.
  • •Registration, Preparation & Submission of Returns under The Factories Act.
  • •Registration The Shops and Establishment Act Our Services Tools
  • •Our Latest Payroll Software.
  • •Our Expert Team.
  • •Work Time Punctuality.
  • •Client Information Confidentially.
  • •Latest Computerized Work.
  • •Good Client Relationship.
  • •100% Accurate, lawful & Computerized Work.

  • Management Level
    Our experienced staff will regularly visit your establishment and will take care of all the formalities.