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AUDITING – It is the tool to identify and ascertain the potential risk areas and applying techniques to fix them.

The simplest way to have the check and balances over the actions of an organisation is to get audit done by a team of professionals, and taking corrective measures in a time bound manner so as to avoid any legal implications in the long term. It is a verification activity on site, done by examining and inspecting all the books of records and documents so as to ensure compliances of the statutory requirements. Our firm undertake auditing, precisely in HR and Industrial Relations, and examine the documents available on record, so that if any practices, found to be detrimental for the health of an organisation , can be expunged and thereafter suggestions are also made by the team, so that the practices of maintaining records are established in such a way that they are in line with the the established bye laws and standing orders, issued by the government from time to time. The basic idea of auditing is to put every stakeholders’ trust in order so that they can always be completely assured in the manner the organisation is working. It is the best tool to rectify the instances of non compliances.